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The Last Dances Taught
Dancing Penguins--Mon. Dancing Penguins--Tues. Rhythmaires--Thurs. Saturday Special-Saturdays

Chewin’ Gum (Moore 4 QS)

Valentine Bolero

Me Gusta Merengue! (Herr 3 Merengue)

Fiesta Madrilena

Harry In Winter (Herr 5 Bolero)

Waltz or Tango

Years May Come

That Man

Years May Come

Irish Washerwoman

I Like You (Herr 4 Cha)

May Each Day (Preskitt 6 Bolero)

Forrest Gump (Moore 5 FT)
Love is Like a Butterfly

I’m Gonna Getcha Good (Shibata 6 Cha)

Let’s Mambo (Herr 4 Mambo)


I Like You (Herr 4 Cha)


Adeline (Shibata 6 Slo)


Me and My Sister (Read 4 W)


Lost in the Darkness      
Moves Like Jaggar (Kincaid 4 Cha)      
Amor Cha (Barton 5 Cha)