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Times Locations All Dates are subject to change. Check back closer to the date you are interested in.

January 2018

Jan. 29—III-V Club
Jan 30—II-III Club—New Lessons Begin--Jive
Jan 31—II-III Club

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February 2018

Feb. 1   Rocky Tops
Feb. 2--Party Dance--Anniversary #26
Feb. 5--III-V Club
Feb. 6--II-III Club
Feb. 8—III-IV Easy Club
Feb. 9—Square Halos
Feb. 10—CRDA Fun Dance
Feb. 12--III-V Club
Feb. 13--II-III Club
Feb. 15—III-IV Club
Feb. 16—Party Dance
Feb. 17--Mountaineers
Feb 19—III -V Club
Feb. 20--II-III Club
Feb. 22—III-IV Easy Club
Feb 24—Rolling Wheels
Feb. 27—II-III Club

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March 2018

Mar. 1—Rocky Tops
Mar. 2--Party Dance
Mar.5--III-V Club
Mar. 6--II-III Club
March 8—III-IV Easy Club
Mar. 12—III -V Club
Mar. 13--II-III Club
Mar. 15—III-IV Easy Club
Mar. 16—Party Dance
Mar. 17--Mountaineers
Mar. 19—III -V Club
Mar. 20--II-III Club
Mar. 22—III-IV Easy Club
Mar. 23—Scootbacks
Mar. 24--Hilltoppers
Mar. 27—II-III Club
Mar. 29—III-IV Easy Club
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April 2018

April 2--III-V Club
April 3--II-III Club
April 5—Rocky Tops
Apr. 6--Party Dance
April 7--Mountaineers
April 9—III-V Club
April 10--II-III Club
April 12—III-IV Easy Club
April 16—III-V Club
April 17--II-III Club
April 19—III-IV Easy Club
April 20—Party Dance
April 21—Mountaineers—Benefit Dance
April 24—II-III Club
April 26—III-IV Easy Club
April 28—Rolling Wheels
April 30—III-V Club

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May 2018

May 1--II-III Club
May 4—Party Dance
May 7— III-V Club
May 8--II-III Club
May 10—III-IV Easy Club
May 14--III-V Club
May 15--II-III Club
May 17—III-IV Easy Club
May 18--Party Dance
May 19—Rocky Mountain Squares
May 21--III-V Club
May 22—II-III Club
May 24—III-IV Easy Club
May 25—Square Halos
May 26--Ridgerunners
May 29—II-III Club
May 31—III-IV Easy Club

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June 2018

June 1—Party Dance
June 2--Mountaineers
June 4—III-V Club
June 5—II-III Club
June 8-9 State Festival--Denver
June 11—III-V Club
June 12—II-III Club
June 14-III-IV Easy Club
June 15—Party Dance
June 18—III-V Club
June 19-June 30  Cuer School and Nationals

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July 2018

July 1-11—No Dance—RAL & ICBDA
July 16-- III-V Club
July 17— II-III Club
July 19—III-IV Easy Club
July 20—Party Dance
July 24--II-III Club
July 26—III-IV Easy Club
July 30—III-V Club

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August 2018

Aug 1-10—No Dance Roundarama
Aug. 13--III-V Club
Aug. 16—III-IV Easy Club
Aug. 17—Party Dance
Aug 19-25—Fun Valley Week
Aug. 28—II-III Club—New Classes Begin--Waltz
Aug. 30—III-IV Easy Club


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September 2017

Sept. 3-- No Dance—Labor Day
Sept. 4—II-III Club
Sept. 7—No Dance—New Mexico
Sept. 10--III-V Club
Sept. 11--II-III Club
Sept. 13—III-IV Easy Club
Sept. 14—Extra Friday Night Dance
Sept 17—III-V Club
Sept. 18--II-III Club
Sept. 20—No Dance—Palm Springs
Sept. 21——No Dance—Palm Springs
Sept. 25--II-III Club
Sept 27—III-IV Easy Club
Sept. 28—Scootbacks

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October 2018

Oct. 1--III-V Club
Oct. 2--II-III Club
Oct. 5--Party Dance
Oct. 8--III-V Club
Oct. 9—II-III Club
Oct. 11—III-IV Easy Club
October 12—Square Halos
October 12-13—CRDA Gala—Pueblo, CO
Oct. 15--III-V Club
Oct. 16—II-III Club
Oct. 18—III-IV Easy Club
Oct. 19— Party Dance
Oct. 20--Mountaineers
Oct. 23—II-III Club
Oct. 25—III-IV Easy Club
Oct. 29—III -V Club
Oct 30—II-III Club

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November 2018

Nov. 2—Party Dance
Nov. 5--III-V Club
Nov. 6--II-III Club
Nov. 8—III-IV Easy Club
Nov. 9—Square Halos
Nov. 12--III-V Club
Nov. 13--II-III Club
Nov. 15—III-IV Easy Club
Nov. 16--Party Dance
Nov. 19--III-V Club
Nov. 20--II-III Club
Nov. 22—Thanksgiving
Nov 22-25—Thanksgiving Square L Round in Wagoner, Oklahoma
Nov 27—II-III Club
Nov. 29—III-IV Easy Club
Nov. 30--Scootbacks

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December 2018

Dec. 3--III-V Club
Dec. 4--II-III Club
Dec. 7--Party Dance—Christmas Party
Dec. 10— III-V Club
Dec. 11--II-III Club
Dec. 13—III-IV Easy Club
Dec. 15--31—No Dance  Christmas Break



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  • III+-V Club on 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Mondays--meet at Maple Grove Grange (3130 Youngfield) in Golden: 32nd & Youngfield--We do levels III, IV, V. Link to Map Quest of this address.
  • II-III Club on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesdays (basically all Tuesdays!!!)--meet at Maple Grove Grange(3130 Youngfield) in Golden: 32nd & Youngfield--We do levels II & III. Link to Map Quest of this address.
  • III-Easy IV Club on 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Thursdays--meet at Maple Grove Grange(3130 Youngfield) in Golden: 32nd & Youngfield--We do levels III & Easy IV's. Link to Map Quest of this address.
  • Party Dance on 1st & 3rd Fridays--meet at Maple Grove Grange: 3130 Youngfield (32nd & Youngfield)--We do levels II, III, IV, V, VI. Link to Map Quest of this address.
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  • III+-V Club on 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Mondays--6:45-9:30 p.m.
  • II-III Club on All Tuesdays--6:45-9:00 p.m.
  • III-IV 3rd & 4th Thursdays--6:45-9:00 p.m.
  • Party Dance on 1st & 3rd Fridays--7:00-9:45 p.m.

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